Embrace Plant Parenting

monsteraWinter is the perfect time to nurture green babies. While it’s still too early for seed starting in most areas, why not jump on the plant parenting bandwagon—by adding more houseplants to your indoor decor? After all, houseplants can be good for you. A study published by the Journal of Physiological Anthropology found that houseplants in homes or offices can make you feel more comfortable, soothed, and productive. Plus, potting up pretty plants gets you in touch with those mood-boosting microorganisms again. And—houseplants add great ambiance in any space. All you need to do is check out the gorgeous interiorscapes of popular plant parents on Instagram or TikTok for design inspiration.

But what if your house or apartment is short on natural light? No worries. While all plants need some light for survival, these low-light lovers will fill your space with beauty:

  • Monstera (aka “Swiss Cheese” plant). The star of social media, it fills spaces with dramatic, large leaves and grows beautifully without fuss. The rare, variegated varieties are coveted by plant collectors, with bidding wars reaching into hundreds of dollars for a rooted cutting! Luckily, most varieties are budget-friendly. Keep monstera well-watered—but not soggy.
  • Sansevieria (aka Snake Plant): The perfect low-maintenance plant. Not only does it grow well in low light, it needs low water, too. The upright, sword-like leaves look great in any space.
  • Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (aka ZZ Plant): If hands-off is your style, ZZ Plant is your new best friend. Forgot to water? You’re forgiven. Give it a drink, and it perks right up. In fact, wait until the top inch of soil is dry before you water your ZZ Plant. The glossy green leaves and upright foliage add color and texture to any low-light space.
  • Pothos: Truly a no-fail houseplant, Pothos is all about gorgeous foliage. Dark green leaves are splashed with interesting variegation, while other varieties sport chartreuse foliage. Trailing varieties look lovely on bookcases or shelves. Water this beauty once a week.
  • Dieffenbachia: For a tropical vibe, these pretty plants with fabulous foliage make a great statement. Make sure to keep this cutie hydrated—it tolerates low light but does like evenly moist soil.

Choose your favorite houseplant, pick a pretty pot with a drainage hole and saucer (to protect floors and furniture), and fill it partway with Bumper Crop® Potting Soil [Eastern & Midwestern Regions | Western Region]. Remove the plant from its nursery pot, place it in its new pot so that the top of the root ball is about an inch or two below the top of the container, and fill in more soil around the sides. Water well. Feed with Bumper Crop® All-Purpose Plant Food and water plant according to the tag’s directions. Enjoy your lush, lovely green space!

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