Bumper Crop® Articles

Savor Seed Starting Prep

Are you a seed lover? If you’ve never grown plants from seeds, make it your resolution to give it a try this year.

Make a Plan

Grab a cup of tea, a notebook or garden journal (if you’re fancy!), and your imagination for a January garden-planning session.

Spice Up Your Winter with Homegrown Herbs

Winter’s the perfect time to break out those new recipes you’ve been wanting to try. After all, nothing’s more cozy that a warm kitchen filled with delicious aromas.

Embrace Plant Parenting

Winter is the perfect time to nurture green babies. While it’s still too early for seed starting in most areas, why not jump on the plant parenting bandwagon—by adding more houseplants to your indoor decor?

Raised Bed Planting

for Eastern & Midwestern Regions Poor soil? Master Nursery® has the perfect solution to all your gardening dilemmas and the products to fix them! If you have lousy soil, we…

Overseeding Your Lawn

A worn out and tired looking lawn can easily be rejuvenated by simply topdressing with a quality compost product and overseeding. Topdressing improves soil structure by adding organic matter and…

Container Planting

No garden? No problem! With sun and water, everything that you can grow in the ground can also be grown in containers. So, there’s no need to feel slighted if…

DIY Landscape Installation

Western Region Planning to add trees and shrubs to your landscape? You don’t need to hire a professional when you know how to do it yourself (DIY). Master Nursery® is…