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Invite Batty Guests to Your Garden

As you celebrate Earth Day, focusing on pretty pollinators, beautiful birds, and cuddly creatures, make sure to invite a few dark-loving guests to your garden: bats!

Love Your Mother Earth

Earth Day is just around the corner—Friday, April 22—the perfect time to show your love of our beautiful planet. Whether you’re joining The Great Global Clean Up®, committing to sustainable…

Celebrate National Kids’ Gardening Month!

No matter whether the kids in your life love worms or need a gentle push to get their hands dirty, National Kids’ Gardening Month offers a great opportunity to introduce your favorite young people to the joys of growing.

Mmmmm…National Pi(e) Day

Unless you’re a math geek who can recite the many decimal places of pi, you probably celebrate March 14–or 3.14, or National Pi Day–as the perfect excuse to enjoy a…


Are seed packets taking over your kitchen table? If you live in warm zones, it’s about time to start those tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants-hooray!